• Preparing for a Successful Installation

    To help prepare for a successful installation, we suggest answering a couple of questions. These questions will help ensure that fundamental requirements are met prior to the technician arriving at the site.

    • Where is the equipment being mounted? MarketSpark equipment requires approximately (15.748” H x 11.811” W x 7.086” D) of space for mounting on a backboard within the network/telco room.
    • Is there a permanent power source available? Ensure permanent power for the device is available within 5ft of the desired equipment mounting location.
    • Will the technician be allowed onsite? Full review of site access requirements: Certificate of Insurance (If required), Security Measures, PPE Measures, etc.
    • Who will be the primary onsite contact for the technician? Proper site contacts will be available to assist with any issues on the day of installation. (Site access issues, Incremental scope, Line discrepancy problems, etc.)

    To centralize all this information, your assigned MarketSpark Customer Success Manager will provide a Site Information Template to help gather/confirm all these details prior to dispatching a technician.

  • Installation Timelines

    There are two basic timelines that can be expected. MarketSpark allots 90 minutes for equipment installation. If cutovers are to be completed an additional 60 minutes are allotted to the time on site. Variability will be dependent on travel times, site access, and troubleshooting.

    If our technicians require more time onsite due to incremental changes in scope or troubleshooting, beyond MarketSpark’s predefined scope, additional approval from the customer or designated decision maker is required. These charges will be based on time and material costs.

  • Onsite Contacts for Installation

    Yes, it is important to ensure we have proper site access, the ability to locate the correct telco room, and someone present who can provide any additional approval requirements that may arise.

  • Agreement Signed, What’s Next?

    Once an agreement has been signed, your sales rep will coordinate a handoff with the Service Delivery team. Once the account has been assigned, a MarketSpark Customer Success Manager will initiate our Onboarding process to collect the pertinent information and to review the process and next steps.

Day of Install

  • What Will the Technician be Doing while Onsite?

    MarketSpark’s standard scope of work includes mounting of MarketSpark equipment, connection to power, assessment of cellular signal, and testing for dial tone. If requested, cutover of pre-existing inside wiring and testing of end peripherals may also be performed.  Please note, cutover and testing for life safety applications (fire and burglar alarms) must be performed by your preferred alarm vendor.

    Please note, if cellular signal challenges exist at the installation location, an antenna may be required (less than 5% of install scenarios) which would be performed during a follow-up visit.

  • Line and Equipment Testing

    MarketSpark technicians are always required to confirm power, test for dial tone at all ports, and complete test calls from the MarketSpark equipment. If cutover is in scope, our technicians will also test end peripherals based on accessibility on-site.

    All technicians will be required to take images of the newly installed equipment, check out with a MarketSpark Install Support Representative, and complete an exit survey.

  • Unsuccessful Installations

    If an installation is not successful in the original allotted timeframe, your assigned MS Customer Success Manager will contact you for the next steps. Next steps include approval of additional time on site for troubleshooting or rescheduling for a secondary visit once the proper solution has been identified.


  • MarketSpark Portal Access

    Once an installation has been successfully completed, the MarketSpark Customer Success Manager assigned to your account will request the names, titles, and phone numbers of the people who should access and set up each account. You will then receive a portal generated email prompting you to sign. Demonstrations are also available on request.

  • Monitoring of Lines

    Once an installation has been completed successfully, your assigned Customer Success Manager will continue to have oversight on your sites for a period of two weeks, any questions should be directed to them. Beyond that period, a support ticket can be opened via phone, email, or thorough the MarketSpark portal – please reference the following guide for instructions:

    How to open a MarketSpark Support Ticket

  • Billing Questions

    For new orders/requests, please contact your sales representative directly for assistance. For questions regarding your bill, please contact