POTS Replacement

Stay ahead of the copper retirement curve with MarketSpark’s fully managed POTS replacement solution

As carriers expedite the retirement of copper-based POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), businesses are facing a steep rise in operational costs and a looming threat to essential services. Essential systems that rely on POTS lines like alarms and elevators depend on these lines and are at risk of becoming non-operational.

Transitioning services that have traditionally depended on analog devices is a unique challenge. MarketSpark offers a cost-effective solution that uses best-in-class hardware, software, and analytics to seamlessly transition your infrastructure from legacy analog lines to reliable digital connections. The time for POTS Replacement is now; the question is, can your business afford to wait?

There is a clear winner when it comes to POTS Replacement

You’re smart for considering your options

Rip and Replace

Cellular Dialers

MarketSpark Solution

The concept of ripping and replacing all life-safety components, while theoretically effective, is often cost-prohibitive. This approach involves significant upfront expenses and complex system overhauls, making it impractical for most organizations.

The use of “cellular dialers” is a low-value solution due to its limitations. These dialers serve a single purpose, require time-intensive setup, and lack comprehensive support. Their fragmented nature can result in inconsistent performance and management challenges.

MarketSpark presents a high-value solution that addresses the POTS problem effectively. It offers a multi-purpose approach, ensures life-safety compliance, and is fully managed for seamless implementation and ongoing support.

Fully Managed
Future Proof
Cost Effective

The MarketSpark M2 + Command Center

MarketSpark introduces a revolutionary approach to solving the POTS problem by harnessing the power of cutting-edge software and sophisticated analytics. Our solution doesn’t stop at installation; we ensure 24×7 system performance measuring to keep your communications infrastructure optimized and reliable. Decrease your dependence on traditional landlines, while minimizing outages in your critical infrastructure such as fire alarms, elevators, point of sale systems, security systems, and more. With measurement and notification features, users will be empowered to make informed decisions in real time.

MarketSpark best in class POTS Replacement

Why 36 of the Fortune 50 choose MarketSpark


Unlike competitors who only serve POTS Replacement as a small subset of their business, MarketSpark’s sole focus is delivering best-in-class POTS Replacement solutions.


Fully compliant with fire, e911 and life safety services codes while also being built within applicable guidelines of UL, NFPA 72, and ASME A17.1B.


MarketSpark is a managed facilities voice network (MFVN) provider that operates on a secure, private connection to the internet.


Leveraging fast and efficient networks, our solutions prioritize voice clarity and unwavering reliability.

Unparalleled Support

Proactive system measuring combined with a responsive tech support team.


In a rapidly changing business environment, we make it easy to scale your deployments according to your business needs.

Fully Managed

From installation to measuring and reporting and everything in between, MarketSpark has you covered.

Data Analytics

We use our proprietary analytic engine to pinpoint which of your locations are most at risk of losing service and help you proactively convert your lines.


Built on highly redundant cloud infrastructure to ensure a dependable 4G LTE connection without interruptions.

Leading Hardware

We leverage top-notch components including Cradlepoint and InHand routers to offer POTS in a Box (PIAB) as well as 5G/LTE solutions.


A solution designed to meet a diverse range of use cases, offering flexibility in deployment.

Cost Effective

The cost of maintaining copper infrastructure is increasing and carriers are passing these costs on to you. We offer affordable, fixed-rate pricing.

Manage All Your Devices with
the MarketSpark Command Center

Our Command Center platform serves as your single source of truth that continuously measures and notifies our customers to their status, consumption, and service levels. It’s the centralized hub that empowers enterprises and SMB’s to manage our service across their locations.

  • See Your Inventory
  • Know Your Line Status
  • Review Your Issues
  • Understand How to Solve Them
  • Expand Your Services
  • Mitigate Your Risks

An Interactive and Targeted Approach

The FCC order Section 251(c)(5) mandates that all carriers must provide notice of network changes including copper wire retirements and switch decomissionings that can impact service to essential operational systems. With this information, MarketSpark has developed a proprietary data analytic platform that tracks the current pace of copper retirements across the country to help you stay ahead of the shutdown curve. Simply provide MarketSpark with a list of your company locations, and we will provide you access to an interactive mapping tool that identifies which of your locations are considered at risk of service interruptions. Stay informed, stay ahead with MarketSpark.

MarketSpark's interactive analytics platform to track copper retirement

Our Process

At MarketSpark, our POTS replacement process begins with a thorough Project Setup, ensuring all details are in place. We then move to Installation Planning and Execution, meticulously preparing and implementing each step for a seamless transition. Post-installation, our Measure & Notify phase guarantees optimal service performance and dedicated support.

1. Project Setup

  • Gather Site Details
    • Address
    • POC
    • Line configuration
    • Monitoring company information
    • New versus port
  • Confirm Solution Design
  • Setup Basecamp
  • Align on Weekly Meeting Cadence

2. Installation Planning

  • Align on Priority
  • Slot for Provisioning
  • Perform Prep with Carriers for SIM Activation, Call Forwarding, Porting, etc.

3. Execution

  • Build, Provision, and Test Devices
  • Finalize Install Date and Time
  • Ship Devices to Installer/Location
  • Execute Install
    • Pre-install reminder
    • On-site installation
    • Post results to Basecamp

4. Measure & Notify

  • Confirm Project Completion
  • Provide Command Center Onboarding
  • Measurement and Notification Services and/or Tech Support

Unparalleled Functionality with Competitive Pricing

Discover the functionality and benefits of our cost-effective, all-inclusive pricing. By transitioning from copper lines to MarketSpark, you can see a reduction in your monthly phone bill by as much as 60%. Consolidate your plain old telephone service with MarketSpark for a unified bill, a transparent flat rate, and no hidden costs. Our pricing models are designed flexibly, ensuring they cater to your specific POTS replacement needs.

Discover the MarketSpark Try & Buy Program tailored for our valued customers. Experience our top-tier POTS service, including specialty lines and voice lines, with a complimentary professional installation. Dive into the capabilities of our 24×7 MarketSpark Command Center portal, benefit from web-based training, and enjoy dedicated technical support around the clock. Don’t miss out on this exclusive 30-day trial opportunity!

See how MarketSpark makes a difference

Case Study

Manufacturing industries can’t afford failing lines

POTS Replacement for 1,300 lines at 200 sites for a Manufacturer connecting Fire Panels, Security Alarms, and Encrypted Voice Systems.

Case Study

Hospitals can’t afford failing lines

POTS Replacement for 2,000 lines at 490 Hospitals for Fire Panel, Alarm and Elevator Connectivity.

Case Study

Grocery Stores can’t afford failing lines

POTS Replacement for 8,000 lines at 2,250 Grocery Stores for Fire Panel, Alarm, Fax and Voice Connectivity.

Case Study

Energy and Utilities Sectors can’t afford failing line

POTS Replacement for 800 lines at 240 sites for an Energy Provider connecting Fire Panels and Security Systems.

Case Study

Bank Branches can’t afford failing lines

POTS Replacement for 500 lines at 280 Bank Branches for Fire Panel and Security Connectivity.

Case Study

Distribution Centers can’t afford failing lines

Digital POTS Connectivity for 3,000 lines at 420 High-Velocity Distribution Centers for Fire Panel, Alarm and Voice Connectivity


  • When are POTS phone lines expected to be phased out?

    POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) copper lines, which have been the backbone of traditional telecommunication for decades, are being phased out due to advancements in digital technology. Many service providers are moving towards more modern and efficient communication infrastructures, rendering POTS lines become obsolete in the coming years.

  • What options do I have for POTS Replacement?

    You can “Rip and Replace” your cellular lines or rely on Cellular Dialers to replace your POTS lines, but both of these options are labor-intensive, expensive, and unreliable. Instead, opt for a digital solution such as MarketSpark’s M2 + Command Center that is redundant, compliant, and cost-effective.

  • What are the main challenges faced by businesses still
    using POTS lines?

    Businesses that continue to use POTS lines often face issues such as limited scalability, higher maintenance costs, and outdated infrastructure. Additionally, as service providers prioritize newer technologies, support and availability for POTS will become limited, leading to service disruptions.

  • How can transitioning from POTS benefit my
    business operations?

    Transitioning from POTS to a modern solution like the M2 + Command Center can offer numerous benefits. These include improved call quality, enhanced features like video conferencing and voicemail-to-email, cost savings, better scalability, and integration with other digital tools and platforms. The MarketSpark M2 + Command Center is constantly adapting and upgrading to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses.

  • How do POTS replacement solutions integrate with
    current communication infrastructures?

    Most POTS replacement solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing communication infrastructures. This ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruptions. Solutions like VoIP can work alongside current internet setups, and cloud-based platforms often offer easy integration with business applications and tools, enhancing overall communication efficiency.

  • What carriers do you support?

    All the major telecom carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Century Link, etc

  • What types of lines do you replace?

    MarketSpark specializes in replacing life safety systems like fire alarms, security systems, elevators, call boxes, POS systems, fax and voice. But we not only replace lines we help with new builds by setting up new locations with wireless from the get go.

  • Can you handle any number of locations or lines?

    Yes. We currently have clients with thousands of locations and tens of thousands of lines across the entire country. We were purpose built to scale for enterprises.

  • Are POTS line replacement solutions “plug and play?”

    Wireless is a superior solution to wireline for redundancy, lower cost and future proofing but anyone who tells you POTS over LTE is “plug and play” is not being transparent with you. There are a multitude of factors that need to be consider in order to deliver a viable solution including signal strength, peripheral communication protocols and inside wiring. MarketSpark focuses exclusively on POTS over LTE solutions so we’ve developed an industry-leading use case library to insure we have a solution to address your unique requirements.

  • What does it mean to be a managed service?

    Unlike other vendors, MarketSpark takes care of everything. There are no upfront costs, all hardware, software and 24/7 service and support is included in one low cost.

  • Does MarketSpark handle all my billing?

    Yes. For clients with locations across the country requiring multiple carriers, MarketSpark becomes your single vendor managing all your lines across all carriers.

  • Is MarketSpark a MFVN provider?

    Yes, MarketSpark is a managed facilities-based voice network (MFVN) provider that delivers traditional telephone service via a loop start analog telephone interface. MFVNs are interconnected with the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and provide dial tone to end users. We provide customer premises equipment (CPE) that provide POTS Replacement solutions.

    MarketSpark is responsible for the following:

    (a) Manage and maintain their network to ensure end-to-end service quality and reliability from the service subscriber location to the PSTN or other MFVN peer network

    (b) Provide a service that is functionally equivalent to traditional analog phone service with respect to dialing, dial plan, call completion, carriage of voice signals and protocols, and loop voltage treatment

    (c) Provide real-time transmission of voice signals that carry FAX, data, Point of Sale (POS), burglar alarm and fire alarm system formats unchanged

    (d) Provide both professional installation and subscriber information.

    (e) Have major and minor disaster recovery plans to address both individual customer outages and widespread events.

POTS are being rapidly decommissioned.
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