Complete Visibility, Total Control

The MarketSpark Command Center is a cloud enabled platform that gives you complete visibility and total control over all your wireless services while providing actionable insights, 24/7. Better still, with continual upgrades released every two weeks your future needs are already being met.

See it in Action

Actionable Insights One Click Away

Real-time status for all your locations and lines of service, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Access to equipment details and technical support documentation.

Power source status, signal strength data, and more.

Management of line details such as call forwarding, e911 details, and general line information.

View Call Detail Records for all business lines, with the ability to download location and organizational CDR reports.

In-app generation of support tickets and access to support documentation for immediate technical assistance.

User management functionalities for creating, tracking, and managing user permissions, ensuring controlled access for specified team members.

Solutions for All Your Systems





Blue Light

Point of Sale

Panic Buttons

Security Gates

Meter Reading

Modem / Out of Band


Internet Backup

SCADA Applications

Everything Enterprises Need

Cloud Enabled

The MarketSpark Command Center offers continual upgrades, adding new features and functionality at no extra cost, every two weeks – let’s consider your future fully proofed.

Real-Time Analytics

Enjoy complete visibility into the status of all your wireless enabled lines, and take action using real-time status updates and alerts to make sure all systems are go – all the time.

Leading Hardware

From a complete plug and play Pots In A Box (PIAB) solution to a full-on 5G/LTE solution, we partner with the best equipment manufactures like Data Remote and Cradlepoint to ensure your success.

Unparalleled Support

As a cloud enabled solution, MarketSpark can resolve service issues remotely running diagnostics and fixing the problem before you know you have it, saving you time and money.

National Scale

Whether you’re replacing analog solutions in existing structures or building new construction, MarketSpark’s team is ready to design the solution and provide installation anywhere, anytime.

One Trusted Vendor

For customers with locations all across the country, MarketSpark becomes your single point of contact managing the installation and service of all your lines across multiple carriers. We are a managed facilities-based voice network (MFVN) provider that delivers traditional telephone service via a loop start analog telephone interface. MFVNs are interconnected with the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and provide dial tone to end users.


  • What carriers do you support?

    All the major carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Century Link, etc

  • What types of lines do you replace?

    MarketSpark specializes in replacing life safety systems like fire alarms, security systems, elevators, call boxes, POS systems, fax and voice. But we not only replace lines we help with new builds by setting up new locations with wireless from the get go.

  • Can you handle any number of locations or lines?

    Yes. We currently have clients with thousands of locations and tens of thousands of lines across the entire country. We were purpose built to scale for enterprises.

  • Are POTS replacement solutions “plug and play?”

    Wireless is a superior solution to wireline for redundancy, lower cost and future proofing but anyone who tells you POTS over LTE is “plug and play” is not being transparent with you. There are a multitude of factors that need to be consider in order to deliver a viable solution including signal strength, peripheral communication protocols and inside wiring. MarketSpark focuses exclusively on POTS over LTE solutions so we’ve developed an industry-leading use case library to insure we have a solution to address your unique requirements.

  • What if the signal strength from my wireless provider is poor?

    MarketSpark is a carrier agnostic solution which runs on multiple carriers and communications paths. Prior to implementation, we evaluate the quality of the signal coverage from all carriers at your sites to ascertain which approach will provide the best signal strength and deliver maximum redundancy for your business requirements.

  • What does it mean to be a managed service?

    Unlike other vendors, MarketSpark takes care of everything. There are no upfront costs, all hardware, software and 24/7 service and support is included in one low cost.

  • Does MarketSpark handle all my billing?

    Yes. For clients with locations across the country requiring multiple carriers, MarketSpark becomes your single vendor managing all your lines across all carriers.

POTS are being rapidly decommissioned. Ready to future proof your company?