Introducing MarketSpark’s New and Improved Command Center

Increased capabilities and enhanced features offer total control of supported lines

As the industry leading provider of POTS replacement solutions for the enterprise we not only developed a turn-key service for installing 5G-ready wireless equipment, nationwide, that produces immediate ROI, we’ve added an additional lawyer of technology to simplify management of all your lines and services.

It’s called the MarketSpark Command Center and it’s an anywhere, anytime SaaS monitoring platform that provides unmatched visibility and control over your wireless services. Now you can view, track and use actionable insights to ensure your business is up and running 24/7. 

Recent upgrades just add to these native capabilities while the improved UI makes it easier to use the dashboard and manage your projects as well as request support. 

Why is this important? 

Since the beginning of telephone service, your critical business lines such as: fire and security alarms, elevator, bluelight, panic buttons, faxes, security gates, POS systems etc. have run over analog copper lines. These are called POTS for plain old telephone service. 

And since this service was plain old, what you got was minimal at best. There was no visibility into the status of lines, no ability to proactively monitor the usage, no possibility of generating and issuing reports. And for this amazon inconvenience you got charged a high price.

MarketSpark set out to change all that. So what does the new Command Center Portal offer in terms of enhanced service and easier management?

  1. Dashboard Overview: At-a-glance view of all your supported lines and their status
  2. Location Reports: Upload and share site surveys and install summaries for each location
  3. Organization Reports: Upload and share project reports, action logs, and site details
  4. Location Details: Individual status of all serviced lines by location
  5. Call Log Reports: Export the history of inbound and outbound call of individual lines
  6. User Controls: Permission based management of user access 
  7. Enhanced Support: Dedicated MarketSpark support line and email alias
  8. Support Requests: Generate tickets directly from the platform for priority service

Visit our product page for more information or reach out if you want to discuss what MarketSpark can accomplish for you.