MarketSpark Delivers LTE/5G Connectivity for POTS Replacement with Cradlepoint routers.

Changing regulations accelerate cloud-delivered LTE/5G wireless connectivity to generate immediate cost savings

SAN DIEGO, California, April 13, 2021 – MarketSpark, the industry leading provider of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) replacement in the enterprise announced its delivery of LTE/5G connectivity as a managed service. MarketSpark will integrate Cradlepoint’s 4G and 5G wireless network edge solutions into its managed service solution portfolio, providing Telco-Grade connectivity while replacing aging analog infrastructures. Enterprises can leverage this powerful combination of wireless reach and reliability for life-safety applications to future-proof their business and accelerate their network transformation.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has set the groundwork for shutting down legacy analog networks nationwide, supporting the migration to an all-digital network. Wireline carriers have followed suit, publishing network disclosures revealing an accelerated decommissioning schedule. Forward-looking enterprises are getting ahead of the shutdown by switching to POTS over LTE/5G solutions that deliver immediate cost savings and productivity enhancements. This includes migrating POTS lines supporting fire panels, alarms, elevators, fax machines, SCADA applications as well as a host of other terminals utilizing legacy analog communications protocols.

By integrating Cradlepoint’s portfolio of wireless edge routers within MarketSpark’s Managed Service Platform, enterprises secure the integrity of a world-class router in concert with MarketSpark’s scalable delivery service leveraging Wireless WAN, including LTE and 5G connected branch sites, vehicles, and IoT devices.

“Enterprises no longer need to be constrained by the cost or limitations of deploying analog lines to deliver reliable life-safety connectivity at existing or new locations,” says Jeff Gower, CEO of MarketSpark. “By combining Cradlepoint’s leading LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions with MarketSpark’s platform-based management services, Fortune 500 enterprises are reaping the benefits of an intelligent wireless network to supplant POTS service. This is one of those unique cases where the replacement solution is smarter, more reliable and 20% – 50% less costly from the day of deployment.”

The COVID pandemic has prompted a sudden shift in priorities across enterprises. As companies restructure their operations, speed has become a strategic lever to securing building occupancy in new or refurbished locations. Cradlepoint and MarketSpark address these needs by offering the full breadth of analog applications throughout distributed enterprises as diverse as healthcare, financial services, and retail. MarketSpark’s scalable deployment service enables enterprises to quickly maximize ROI. The result is a Telco-Grade, platform-based solution that is easy to centrally provision and manage, utilizes secure and redundant networks for all applications and ensures seamless productivity everywhere you receive a cellular signal.

“With the rise of 5G, we see wireless becoming a significant part of the hyper-connected enterprise and next-generation WANs,” says Eric Purcell, SVP of Partners and Alliances at Cradepoint. “MarketSpark is a recognized leader in scalable POTS replacement and we are excited to offer a combined solution that extends our Cradlepoint offering to their versatile solution for enterprise networks everywhere.”

MarketSpark’s new Cradlepoint-enabled solutions are available now with any enterprise analog replacement deployment.

About MarketSpark
MarketSpark is the leading provider of analog replacement solutions for the enterprise. Our cloud-enabled platform helps companies escape from the world of yesterday and prepare for the world of tomorrow by replacing static, costly copper telephone lines (POTS) with a managed wireless solution that is 5G ready. MarketSpark is the only MSP in the telecom space purpose built to handle analog line replacement on a global scale. Whether retrofitting or building new, we give our customers a platform for growth. Oh, and the ROI is immediate