MarketSpark, the Industry Standard for Enterprise POTS Replacement Available for T-Mobile for Business Customers

MarketSpark announced today that T-Mobile for Business now features its flagship M2 Enterprise solution, a fully-managed service enabling large enterprises to migrate away from rapidly deprecating POTS lines, as part of T-Mobile’s IoT portfolio.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – MarketSpark, Inc., the nation’s largest company dedicated exclusively to enterprise POTS replacement, today announced that T-Mobile for Business is offering its M2 Enterprise POTS Replacement Platform. The M2 platform is a software-driven solution that supplants traditional POTS lines, providing compliant connectivity for critical life-safety services including fire panels, burglar alarms and elevators.

More than 30 million analog copper-wire lines connected to 6 million commercial buildings are being deprecated as wireless providers introduce next generation networks to replace this 100-year-old technology. The retirement of copper networks will increasingly challenge large enterprises with multiple locations to coordinate smooth and timely transition for their sites to maintain critical infrastructure including fire alarm panels, security systems, elevators, fax machines, building access systems and more. Life-safety systems can’t be migrated to simplistic VoIP services because they lack the redundancy and performance measurement insights necessary for compliance with local regulations. To complicate matters, the monthly cost of copper POTS lines is escalating rapidly as the user base shrinks and reliability is declining as carriers shift resources to replacement technologies.

MarketSpark provides large enterprises with a fully-managed service for POTS migration, combining best-in-class hardware with extensive pre-configuration, testing and project deployment services to deliver the highest level of acceptance from connected life-safety systems. When combined with T-Mobile’s nationwide coverage for reliable transport, the solution delivers superior performance and improved reliability over deprecating copper by leveraging smart remote diagnostics via an online portal. The service includes 24×7 performance measurement and automated notifications, minimizing expensive “truck rolls” and lowering incident response time.

“POTS replacement for large enterprises requires a combination of best-in-class hardware, smart software and specialized processes to address site-specific use cases that are common in organizations that have dozens, hundreds or thousands of discrete locations,” said Jeff Gower, Chief Executive Officer at MarketSpark. “We are excited to have a telecommunications leader such as T-Mobile for Business raising awareness of the copper network end of life and sharing the MarketSpark solution with its large and rapidly growing enterprise customer base.”

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