CMDC – API v0.11

MarketSpark aims to provide impeccable service and support at the highest level to our customers and partners alike. Our team has aggressively been focused on improving performance within our Command Center Portal to provide our customers with real-time data insights. We have made significant improvements with a recent 90% increase in performance for aggregated insights. With this performance gain, we are able to provide status updates faster than before – keeping our customers consistently informed and ensuring their network operations is running smoothly.

Providing real-time status updates within Command Center Portal will help our customers keep a pulse on their business. Should any potential issues arise, status will be the first sign used to help mitigate any future problems and allow us to instantly react. We continually look to optimize our Command Center Portal where it serves the needs of our customers first. Looking ahead, our team continues to strive towards delivering a platform that is robust, useful and powerful.