CMDC – UI v1.6

DID list by Org level

The admin user can now view their entire organization and the associated DIDs listed for each Location, City and State.

Allow Parent Organization to be Updated

Modal Box Confirmation

As a user, you will now see a modal dialog box that appears when user attaches or detaches a sub entity from a service, equipment or account. This will allow the user to confirm attachment or detachment.


  • “Domain” Prop on Equipment: When creating equipment and you enter a valid domain, you’re now able to click submit and valid domain updates equipment.
  • When detaching DIDs from equipment in certain cases the port is stuck. This is most likely due to a failure during the detach requests being made to the CMDC center. The DID should no longer have a “port” property value and means DID cannot be attached to another piece of equipment.
  • User with permissions can now move a location to a new organization, when user make the change on Parent Organization field, click Update Location, we now have a warning dialog that shows up, If I click Cancel, Parent Org field remains in edit model until it’s closed (edit icon turns into the open and “X” icon is gone).
  • User cannot update a location’s address when there are no DIDs with e911 attached. User address now saves when updating and new address persist.
  • When user go to My Organization page > Services > Organization’s Services section, they are now able to see the table with the following columns.
    • Phone Number, Description, Equipment MAC, Device Port, Temp inbound, e911, Forwarded Number, Status

Backend Integration – API v0.9

  • Mix Networks serviceStatus is now determined by Bull Processor in CMDC-API
  • FreePBX serviceStatus determined by Bull Processor in CMDC-API
  • NAPCO Equipment serviceStatus determined by Bull Processor in CMDC-API
  • PEPwave Equipment serviceStatus determined by Bull Processor in CMDC-API
  • Mix Networks client service update & App-side Migration – Mix Networks webhook architecture has changed. What is considered CMDC Equipment that needs a Mix Networks subscription for live status has also changed. It is no longer determined by the value ‘integrated_router” in the ‘’ prop.
    • App-side migration will create new subscriptions in Mix Networks API for all EXISTING Equipment with a valid domain value, so that any new status webhook posts requests from Mix Networks hit the NEW Mix Networks Data logger lambda webhook url developed and deployed.