CMDC – UI v1.7

.CSV File Import

Command Center Portal can now handle inventory .CSV files and create equipment in row display view. In addition, the portal can now successfully show created Equipment from submitted inventory .CSV file with a downloadable error report. The report will help inform users on what data was imported and what data was not successfully imported.

SAP Inventory Item ID

We have created a path between our ERP system (SAP1) to our Command Center Portal, by developing a Catalog Item ID that maps to our SAP Inventory Item ID. This new feature will allow our team to scale up and load greater volume of data into our Command Center Portal.

Install Status

When creating a new service under the required Install Status, we’ve now deployed “Provisioned” as the default in the drop-down menu when you’re selecting install status.

Removed UI

Removed Billing “Same as Shipping Address” under Org. Info under General Tab.

When Creating/Editing service – the Override Service Term toggle has been removed.


Corrected the top header on the Create SIM page to accurately reflect the page.