Say goodbye to POTS.

Wireless takes over: Act now to transform your business.

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Tuesday, May 23, 12PM ET 

As carriers continue to accelerate plans to decommission POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) at a rapid pace, well prepared companies are overcoming challenges by leveraging simple yet comprehensive solutions. This webinar focuses on how forward-looking enterprises are attacking the copper retirement problem by leveraging highly scalable and reliable wireless solutions that increase redundancy while delivering real-time platform insights that streamline business operations. 

You’ll hear from industry experts at Verizon and MarketSpark on: 

  • Tools that help enterprises predict which of their locations are at risk 
  • How abrupt price increases are driving large enterprises to prioritize network migration 
  • Common challenges multi-site organizations face as POTS decommissioning accelerates 
  • The benefits and peace of mind that come with enterprise grade POTS replacement solutions 

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Say goodbye to POTS.