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Plain Old Telephone Service 101:

What is POTS? Have you heard of it or come across the term before? If you were born before the 90’s there’s a big chance POTS was a part of your everyday life. POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone Service and was the phone line technology most of us grew up with at home. POTS was the most common and fastest way for people to be connected between the late 1800s and 1980s, way before the age of the internet and it still exists today. Many existing POTS lines are found in those ‘plain old’ cables and wires you can still see dangling over our streets and neighborhoods.

Maybe you remember those old dial telephones with their curly cords. You’d plug in the phone line into the phone jack in your wall, make sure you’ve got a dial tone and then manually enter the number to connect the call.

Has Technology Changed?

The technology hasn’t changed much since then. It’s still a couple of copper wires twisted together, either running overhead or buried underground, that carry your audible voice from your home phone to your sweet grandparents in Wisconsin. That’s it. Point A to point B. For decades it met the basic needs of communication, but in the last thirty years or so things have changed. The invention of the internet and the rise of the cellular phone have ushered in not only a greater ease and convenience into our day to day lives, but more comprehensive solutions to our ever changing needs.

Plain Old Telephone Service lines are now becoming a thing of the past, and have also becoming increasingly more expensive due to lower customer demand and other inexpensive alternative options such as wireless and digital. Most businesses and companies have moved away from POTS for many reasons besides the cost. This outdated service is not compatible with vital needs such as high speed capabilities and emergency networks.

What is POTS?

Plain Old Telephone Service Lines Explained

In an era where more businesses are relying on modern telephone systems like VoIP, the term POTS probably isn’t thrown around a lot. But in laymen’s terms, POTS, or “plain old telephone service” lines, are the traditional landline phone system that relies on physical copper wires for service.

So What is POTS?

POTS networks were created to facilitate voice communication since the late 1800’s, and is the analog “landline” phone system that most of us grew up with at home.

The Transition Away from POTS

With modern technology progressing and the high cost of maintaining copper lines, these traditional land lines are becoming less and less common among consumers.

Many major carriers have decided to shut off copper POTS lines in an effort to eliminate copper POTS lines by 2020. Service fees have been steadily increasing over the years, and some services have been terminated. According to the FCC, there are still more than 36 million POTS lines in the United States and the average cost for a line is $65 per month.

However, many POTS lines are still in use for numerous reasons:

  • It provides access to 911 emergency services for elevators, fire panels, alarm systems, etc.
  • It is used in most businesses as modems, fax, out of band management application and phones.

Alternate solutions will be necessary to implement to replace all of the copper lines soon.

What Can I Do If  I Need to Replace My POTS Line?

You’re at the right place. At POTS Replacement, we replace the telephone company with a wireless connection that will be better, faster, and more reliable. We provide all of the equipment, service and support to replace your out-of-date copper POTS line. Some benefits of working with us include:

  • Fire Marshall approved equipment in all 50 states
  • Simple rate plans
  • Real time, central station monitoring
  • An online portal to manage your services
  • Easy self-installation options and a dedicated installation team for more complex installs
  • All hardware and service is guaranteed and warrantied for the life of the term